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Registered Environmental Practitioner Registration | REnvP

A professional registration recognising the competence, skills and commitment of practitioners working to enhance or protect the environment. A perfect fit for your career, or a stepping-stone to your Chartership goal.

REnvP registration demonstrates that you have been judged by your peers to be consistently implementing, developing and advocating good environmental practices. REnvP registrants across the world have committed to continuous professionalism at a high standard and join a collective journey towards a more sustainable future. Verification of your professionalism and competence is vital to reach this goal.

Across consultancy, engineering, materials management, arboriculture, environmental assessment, environmental sciences, product design and more, REnvP registrants are making a difference. They advise senior leaders, co-ordinate projects, influence decisions and work as efficient practitioners. An REnvP can also be, for example, a Chartered level engineer or water manager, with practitioner level (level 5) competence in the environmental aspects of their work.

REnvP can also offer a progression route to Chartership. Whilst working towards the additional knowledge and experience required for Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) registration, you can demonstrate your ambition with REnvP registration. Alternatively, REnvP can be the perfect fit for you and your career aims, enhancing your employability, influence and credibility.

On this page you will find:

  • How to become a REnvP
  • The benefits of REnvP registration
  • Guidance and inspiration
  • REnvP FAQs.

REnvP application process in short

1. Find a relevant Licensed Member

To apply for and to retain REnvP registration you must be a member of a professional body licensed by SocEnv (a “Licensed Member”) at an appropriate grade.

Our Licensed Members

2. Contact the Licensed Member(s)

Contact their membership team to discuss becoming a member (if not already), your eligibility for REnvP, the support available, the applicable fees and the next steps.

Licensed Member Details

3. Application submission

Your application should evidence how you meet the REnvP competences (detailed below), alongside any additional supporting information requested by the Licensed Member.

4. Professional Review Interview

The Licensed Member may invite you to complete a Professional Review Interview (PRI) as an opportunity to expand on your application and/or to support your accessibility needs.

5. Code of Conduct & CPD

Your final steps are to sign SocEnv’s Code of Professional Conduct and agree to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Benefits of REnvP registration

Video | Who can be a Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP)?

David Lloyd-Roach, Chair of the Society's Registration Authority and Director of Qualifications at the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), explains who should be applying for the REnvP professional registration. Core environmental professionals, environmental specialists in a different discipline and degree apprentices are all covered.

How to apply for REnvP registration

REnvP competences

Video | How to become a REnvP webinar

Interested in becoming a REnvP in the near future? This could be your next step. Here's an informative webinar recording detailing the process of becoming a Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP) - from the eligibility criteria to the step by step processes involved.

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Delve into the world and careers of Registered Environmental Practitioners as well as Chartered Environmentalists, Registered Environmental Technicians in these registrant profiles.


Not quite eligible for REnvP yet?

The Registered Environmental Technician (REnvTech) registration may be the ideal alternative for those with knowledge equivalent to a Level 3 qualification or working towards additional experience before becoming eligible to achieve REnvP registration. REnvTech can be used as a stepping-stone to REnvP, but is also a perfect fit for many careers.

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