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Green Leaders in Action | A Video Series

What is a green career? Who is a green leader? Time for some inspiration!

Our Green Leaders in Action video series:

This series of video interviews provides a comprehensive exploration of the diverse range of green careers that are available to environmental professionals. Through these interviews, we gain valuable insights into the daily responsibilities and tasks undertaken by Chartered Environmentalists, Registered Environmental Practitioners and Technicians. These professionals have chosen to become registered environmental experts for various reasons, and they generously offer advice to those aspiring individuals who are eager to kickstart their own environmental careers.

Overall, this series of video interviews serves as an invaluable resource for individuals interested in pursuing a green career. By showcasing the wide array of green careers available and providing insights from experienced professionals, these interviews offer guidance and inspiration to aspiring individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on the environment.

David Linsley-Hood CEnv | Technical Director

Chartered Environmentalist David Linsley-Hood talks to us about his career journey, why he chose to become Chartered and gives his advice to anyone entering the profession.

David Symons CEnv | Director of Sustainability

Chartered Environmentalist David Symons talks to us about his early career journey to becoming a Director of Sustainability working in the consultancy WSP and his advice for the future of the environment.

Gill Mulroe CEnv | Head of Environmental, Social and Innovation

Chartered Environmentalist Gill Mulroe talks to us about her career journey working in the waste management sector and how she uses her dyslexia as a superpower in her role as Head of Environmental, Social and Innovation. Gill is a Chartered Environmentalist via membership of CIWM.

Penny Walker CEnv | Independent Facilitator and Sustainability Coach

Explore the career of an Independent Facilitator, Penny Walker a Chartered Environmentalist via membership of IEMA, working in the environmental field, helping people and organisations make more sustainable and meaningful conversations. Penny gives her advice to those starting their careers and why they should register as an environmental professional as well.

Dan Hamza-Goodacre CEnv | Climate Strategist

Explore the career of a Climate Strategist and Advocate working in the environmental field. Dan Hamza-Goodacre CEnv, is a Chartered Environmentalist via membership of IEMA and has spoken to us about his registration process, giving advice to aspiring professionals entering the environmental profession and highlighting his career over the last two decades from working in government to the NGO sector.

Dougal Driver CEnv | CEO Grown in Britain

Dougal Driver CEnv is the Society for the Environment's Chair of the Board and Grown in Britain CEO who started his career as a forester working in the field and working his way up to running a business. Dougal is a Chartered Environmentalist via membership of Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF). He tells us all about woodlands, timber and how he became the Chartered Environmentalist he is today.

Are you interested in being part of Green Leaders?

If you are a Chartered Environmentalist and you would like to be part of the series, get in touch.