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Environmental Professional Registration

Showcase your knowledge, experience, professionalism and commitment to good environmental practice. Achieve Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP) or Registered Environmental Technician (REnvTech) professional registration.

Being an environmental registrant is about having the professional knowledge, experience and commitment to apply sustainable thinking throughout your work in the progressive levels and stages of your career. Professional registration is widely recognised as a mark to be trusted and carries a strong reputation for quality around the world.

Would you like to stand out from the crowd and lead the way towards a more sustainable future? Provide assurance of your competence to employers, clients and stakeholders by achieving CEnv, REnvP or REnvTech.

Applications are completed via membership of one of SocEnv’s Licensed Member professional bodies. Our Licensed Members cover a wide range of sectors including; engineering, construction, environmental management, environmental sciences, agriculture, fisheries, water, energy, waste management, surveying, ecology, arboriculture and more.

Main picture above: Emelye Kenyon CEnv – Head of Environmental Services (Director), Pick Everard.

Good to know: New CEnv, REnvP and REnvTech standards for 2024

Are you looking to achieve global recognition of your environmental competence and professionalism in 2024? As of the 1st January, all aspiring environmental registrants will be assessed against our new CEnv, REnvP and REnvTech standards.

Professional registration step by step

1. Find your registration

CEnv, REnvP or REnvTech? A choice based on your level of environmental knowledge and experience, aligned to the competence requirements for your target registration. Select a registration to view the competences.

2. Join a Licensed Member

To apply for a registration you must be a member of a professional body licensed by SocEnv (a “Licensed Member”) at an appropriate grade. Ensure your target registration is available via that Licensed Member.

Licensed Member Details

3. Have a conversation

Contact your chosen Licensed Member membership team to discuss your eligibility, the next steps, the support available, any timelines involved, the applicable fees and to request your application documents.

Find Contact Details

4. Application & interview

Provide evidence of how you meet each competence for that registration, alongside any supporting information requested. CEnv (occasionally REnvP and REnvTech) applicants then complete a Professional Review Interview.

5. Code of Conduct & CPD

Your final steps are to sign SocEnv’s Code of Professional Conduct and agree to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


Each of the three professional registrations are aligned in a way that enables structured progression from REnvTech to REnvP to CEnv. However, it is also the case that each registration can be the perfect fit for your career level and future plans.

Many use the registrations to demonstrate progression as their level of practical experience, influence, responsibility and technical expertise increases – e.g. from practitioner level (REnvP) to Chartership level (CEnv). Achieving REnvP is an ideal way to signal your intention to gain CEnv registration in the near future and your early commitment to professional development – highly valued by employers.

The progression stages can be identified throughout the required competences for each registration.

Video | The pathway to achieve professional registration

Detailing the process of becoming a CEnv and a REnvTech in the form of an interview with Geoff Atkins, our Head of Licencing, Registration and Standards. We include the prerequisites for applying, the application process and information relating to the competences required for registration. This webinar was recorded before REnvP was launched, but still includes transferable information for aspiring REnvP applicants.

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