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CEnv Profile | John Hung CEnv, Global Category Manager

John Hung BEng(Hons) CEng FIChemE CEnv is the Global Category Director for operations, supply, and projects with bp International, responsible for leading and revolutionising technical procurement projects to maximise opportunities across business groups for 9 offshore regions, 8 refining assets and 20 midstream terminals, Shipping and Trading. This is a commercial role in procurement that allows John to leverage his chemical engineering, operational, and business experience.

One of John’s main responsibilities involves developing and implementing transforming category strategies to drive the business for improved safety, sustainability, efficiency, and margins. He believes that this can be best achieved through the development of strategic long term supplier partnerships to leverage external expertise within bp across the globe. John is a subject matter expert for additives, water treatments & corrosion and has been involved with the development and introduction of numerous environmental impact technologies such as low friction coatings for ships, environmentally friendly packaging, energy efficient processing additives, bio-fuel initiatives and waste-to-fuel conversion.

John is a Supply Chain Optimisation leader with 30+ years of industrial experience in FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and the Oil & Gas sectors.

Sponsored by Chevron as a student, John graduated in Chemical Engineering with a first from UMIST. He completed a placement experience with both bp Chemicals and Shell Chemicals, before switching industries and beginning his career in the FMCG sector.

During the first 13 years of John’s career, he held various commercial & technical positions including Technical Brand Manager, Group Packaging Manager, Technical Manager and Head of Optimisation with some of the leading FMCG multi-nationals before returning to his chemical engineering roots and continuing his journey with Royal Dutch Shell for the next 15 years, covering roles in operations, procurement, supply, manufacturing, trading and shipping. John has now come full circle and for the last 5 years has worked within bp International.

John views professional body membership and registration as crucial to ensuring professional high standards and career development. Having been an IChemE member since 1987 when he was an undergraduate, he converted to chartered member (MIChemE) in 2005 and  Fellow (FIChemE) in 2020. He is an IChemE mentor and has coached many aspiring young engineers with their career progression.

John first became interested in the environment early on, when undertaking a university project for redesigning a PVC processing plant for reduced emissions. In his early career, he continued to be involved with developing sustainable packaging in the FMCG sector and was recognised with the Ameristar award for creative packaging from the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) as well as holding an international design registration for a child resistant closure system. Since returning to the Oil & Gas industry, he has completed many optimisation projects to reduce carbon footprints, save water consumption, eliminate single used plastic, cutting emissions and improved supply chain efficiency. His latest mission is to accelerate sustainability activities with his work in an effort to support the clean energy transition and BP’s ambition of Net Zero by 2050.

John’s passion and environmental expertise motivated his decision to become a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) via the IChemE in 2005. He says being a MIChemE, FIChemE, and CEnv has provided him with a USP (unique selling point), demonstrating his dedication to the profession as well as cross-disciplinary expertise, technical knowledge and experience and reinforcing his credibility in the industry; something he describes as more important than ever having moved into a more commercial role.

John embraces the opportunity to highlight the benefits of both registrations to IChemE members and is committed to increasing the number of Chartered Chemical Engineers & Chartered Environmentalists in procurement as alternative career options. He encourages IChemE members to talk to as many peer professionals as possible about registration, and not to be afraid to ask questions of the friendly teams at IChemE and SocEnv.

Why should IChemE members think about CEnv?

So far, I have worked for 6 companies in 9 different roles switching between disciplines – with sustainability always being the common link. As a Chartered Chemical Engineer, sustainability is embedded in my DNA.


Profile correct as of July 2022.

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