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IES registered their 1000th Chartered Environmentalist

IES reaches a registration milestone registering 1,000 members as Chartered Environmentalists.

We are delighted to announce that the Institution of Environmental Sciences IES registered their 1000th Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) to date, with nearly 900 on the CEnv register today*

The IES was one of the founding members of SocEnv when receiving its Royal Charter in May 2004. In March of the following year the IES registered its first batch of CEnv registrants through a ‘Grandparenting’ process that allowed suitably qualified members to be registered under a reduced application system. After this initial burst of registrations, growth in the number of CEnv members at the IES was modest. This led them to them developing its innovative “CEnv in a Day” workshop to provide added clarity and support for those aspiring to achieve CEnv, as well as a clear timeframe to work to. Since then, the IES has consistently been one of the highest registrants of CEnv within the SocEnv family.  

According to the IES, “the unique Support-Speed-Rigour approach of CEnv in a Day makes the IES one of the best places to achieve CEnv.” 

Adam Donnan, IES CEO, said “This significant milestone stands as a testament to the IES commitment to excellence in professional standards and its unwavering dedication to fostering a thriving community of environmental professionals engaged in the transformation to a more sustainable society.” 

If you would like to become a Chartered Environmentalist, you can find out more information on the IES’s CEnv webpage. 

*Just over 100 IES members have lapsed their CEnv registration since 2004 due to retirement, career changes and so on.  

IES registered their 1000th Chartered Environmentalist, you can read IES’s announcement article here

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