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IES Climate Video Series

Confronting a profound reality

Original source: IES website


After three months of weekly videos addressing climate change from the perspective of a range of natural systems and approaches, the IES’s video series on climate action and transformative change has now concluded.

Each of the videos bring environmental science insights into the world of policy in 10 minutes or less. Our series on climate action has confronted the profound reality that the decisions our society is currently making will have a decisive effect on our fight against climate change.

Ahead of the COP26 Climate Summit, the IES published a Manifesto for Transformative Change and 54 recommendations for global climate action. The video series builds on that work, teaching us more about the ways in which climate change has been caused by complex interactions between social, economic, and natural systems. It also demonstrates how we can employ systems thinking approaches to achieve multiple benefits for the environment, society, and the economy.

Watch the videos

You can catch up with the complete video series on the IES YouTube Channel:

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