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We've just launched our exciting series: Green Leaders in Action

The Green Leaders in Action series is now live

Green Leaders in Action video series is out now

This series of video interviews provides a comprehensive exploration of the diverse range of green careers that are available to environmental professionals. Through these interviews, we gain valuable insights into the daily responsibilities and tasks undertaken by Chartered Environmentalists. These professionals have chosen to become registered environmental experts for various reasons, and they generously offer advice to those aspiring individuals who are eager to kickstart their own environmental careers.

Overall, this series of video interviews serves as an invaluable resource for individuals interested in pursuing a green career. By showcasing the wide array of green careers available and providing insights from experienced professionals, these interviews offer guidance and inspiration to aspiring individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on the environment.

green leaders in action

We spoke to three Chartered Environmentalists for the first ‘season’ of Green Leaders in Action:

  1. Penny Walker CEnv, Independent Facilitator, who is registered through IEMA.
  2. Dan Hamza-Goodarce CEnv, Climate Strategist and Advocate, who is registered through IEMA.
  3. Dougal Driver CEnv, CEO Grown in Britain and Chair of the Board of SocEnv, who is registered through ICF.


These videos highlight the individual careers across the three different fields, our experts give their advice to aspiring environmental professionals and we also take a peak into how they work and why they chose to register as an environmental professional.

Watch the full YouTube playlist below: