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SocEnv | Ten Principles of Good Soils and Stones Management

These ten basic principles of good soils and stones management provide a common framework to underpin a circular, sustainable economy.

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In Spring 2021, SocEnv published our hugely well-received Soils and Stones report led by Chartered Environmentalists. A wide range of sectors were represented, including construction, resource management, forestry, engineering, and agricultural/land management. Since then, we have been working to deliver on the key recommendations of the report.

Amongst the report’s headline recommendations was the need for an overarching Soils and Stones framework against which existing legislation and regulation can be reviewed and improved. Work to progress this action has resulted in “The Ten Principles of Good Soils and Stones Management”, a document which seeks to provide a clear, straightforward outline of how to use and re-use soils and stones.


The ten principles give soils a quantifiable value that will:

  • Preserve, protect, remediate, and enhance natural soils as a living system.
  • Present a hierarchy of options for excavated soils, stones and dredgings.
  • Make soil a material consideration in all land-use and development projects.
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In providing soils and stones with a quantifiable value, the Principles will be of use to legislators, land managers, developers, consultants, and soils practitioners. They will also benefit those working in agriculture, forestry, leisure, construction, remediation, waste management, aggregate and landscaping industry sectors.

It is aimed that these Principles will be embedded into all Government policies and mobilise the expertise of environmental professionals working across disciplines.

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