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REnvP Profile for Alex Fintoni REnvP, Carbon Analyst at A Greener Future

Alex Fintoni shares his journey to REnvP registration:

Alex’s background:

“I moved from France to Scotland in 2010 to complete a BA Hons in Geography and Politics, focusing on human geography and the interactions between people and place. This generated an interested in sustainable urban design and how to influence sustainable behaviour. As a result, I then studied an MSc in Energy and Environmental Management at Glasgow Caledonian University, which provided a lot more technical and practical knowledge.


I was able to join the Scottish consultancy firm Mabbett & Associates Ltd in Glasgow, initially as an Environmental and Resource Efficiency Consultant, working primarily with public sector initiatives to reduce food waste and improve energy efficiency. I increasingly became involved in Circular Economy consultancy, providing technical advisory support to SMEs wanting to develop circular solutions. In tandem, I supported more senior project leads with ISO 14001 Environmental Management and carbon footprints.

Over the 5 years at Mabbett & Associates, I become Project Manager and Senior Sustainability Consultant, primarily leading the circular economy support service which enabled me to work with a large variety of clients, from large industrial companies and key players in the food and drink sector, to smaller SMEs and start-ups developing innovative solutions.

Career now:

In late 2022, I changed position to become a carbon analyst with A Greener Future, providing carbon footprint and sustainability consultancy to the events sectors. This combined two passions on mine, as I had written my masters dissertation on the sustainability of Scottish Festivals.

This is a very interesting sector to be in right now as the events industry is looking at Net Zero and sustainability, but many of the existing frameworks are designed for corporate and industrial organisations. It is therefore a sector where the guidelines and standards are being developed, and there is a real ability to drive improvements and set high standards for sustainability.

When working in a generalist consultancy, it’s very easy to not realise the amount experience that you develop. This seems contradictory, but because of the large number of different projects and the fast-paced nature of consultancy, it can sometimes feel as though you are never really an expert in one particular domain. However, when you take time to reflect and take stock of your experience, you realise that those skills quickly build up.

Part of my process of reflecting on my experience was to apply for Registered Environmental Practitioner and IEMA Practitioner status. This was both to gain recognition within the industry, and to provide me with the confidence in the work I am doing and knowledge I have built over the years. I aim to become chartered in the next couple of years.

Advice for people wanting to become a REnvP:

I think the build-up to the application and registering for Practitioner status is often more daunting than the actual process. Remembering to make a note of what projects you work on, what the outcomes are, and what skills you used are a great way to keep track of your growth and experience and will make a huge difference when applying for practitioner status.”

Profile accurate as of July 2023

Alex Fintoni is registered as a Registered Environmental Practitioner via membership of:

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)


Useful links:

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