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IES | A Manifesto for Transformative Change

Humanity faces a profound reality: the decisions we make now will be historic ones, and they will decide the stories we tell to generations to come about the fight against climate change. The UN’s COP26 climate change summit has been portrayed as the ‘final stand’ in that battle, though in reality it will have been the first of many to come as we work to create a better world for nature, people, and the planet. This manifesto sets out 54 recommendations for global climate action, as well as the analysis and evidence to support them. Aimed at influencing COP26, those recommendations now provide us with an ideal point of comparison between what was achieved at the summit and what still needs to happen.

The Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES) published this manifesto in November 2021.

Read through the manifesto by clicking through to the IES website below.

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