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EPF letter re amendments to the Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill


The proposed amendments threaten objectives for water quality and the condition of protected wildlife sites, which amount to a regression in law. It’s vital to note that this regression in law comes at a time of a decline in nature and a water quality crisis.

From the EPF letter


In September 2023, SocEnv supported the Environmental Policy Forum (EPF) open letter to the Environment and Levelling up Secretaries, summarising our deep concerns re amendments to the Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill.

Seven Institutions in total signed up in support of the response, representing professionals working across the profession (SocEnv) and in sectors such as environmental management, ecology, resource management, forestry, fisheries and environmental sciences.

The letter emphasised our most significant areas of opposition to the proposed amendments, which we argue:

  • Amount to a regression in law
  • Point to incoherent policy undermining delivery
  • Reflects an urgent need to consult the experts.

View our full response below.

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