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EnvCast Podcast | Claire Wansbury CEnv

EnvCast: ‘Environmental Professionals in Conversation’ is designed to provide insight into the lives of registered environmental professionals – CEnv, REnvP and REnvTech registrants.


New episode

This month’s new release is a conversation between Claire Wansbury CEnv, Associate Director of Ecology at Atkins,​ and Phil Underwood, Engagement Manager, here at Society for the Environment (SocEnv).

Claire was awarded her registration through the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).

If you are interested in learning more about Atkins or the topics discussed, here are some relevant links:
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Environmental Net Gain (
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EnvCast is available on most major podcast platforms. Search for EnvCast on your chosen platform, or visit Buzzsprout, our EnvCast host page to view the full list of platforms, and to listen to this EnvCast episode now:

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Video | Watch this EnvCast on YouTube

That's right, we had cameras on hand when recording this podcast episode so you can listen AND watch from start to finish. Press / tap the image and watch now.

Watch more from EnvCast on YouTube

Our recent EnvCast episodes were also captured on video using the power of virtual conferencing facilities. These episodes are freely available via our handy YouTube playlist (including the episode above):

EnvCast YouTube Playlist

Share your story

We want to spread the word about environmental professionals and the excellent work you do, but we need your help! You don't need to have a Nobel Prize winner or a prominent sector figure. Environmental professionals from all backgrounds have a story to tell, good practice to share and people to inspire.

If you are a CEnv, REnvP or REnvTech and are interested in being featured on EnvCast, please contact our Marketing and PR Assistant, Sofia Lisk.