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CEnv Registration 101: Your Questions Answered

Following our first Registration 101 Q&A session for aspiring Chartered Environmentalists, we’ve summarised the answers given to the questions asked by attendees. We hope this blog will be both insightful and useful to those interested in becoming a CEnv!


The word count is restricted in the application. With that in mind, how should I approach forming the application?

Be direct and to the point; you only need to do just enough to convince the assessors you meet the criteria of that competency so really drill into and focus on how you are meeting that competency.

Furthermore, you can give evidence in any format (in most cases) so utilise photos, presentations etc – so long as it showcases your ability in the competency you are being assessed against.

Below is a video of assessors giving their top tips for your application.

Some application questions are similar, so how should I approach answering each question? 

Some people choose to use a separate example for each question to distinguish their answers; others use one example which covers all the competencies. Do whatever works best for you – just be sure that in each answer the example is relevant to the competency being assessed.

What is the format of the interview?

The interview is an informal professional conversation so try not to get overwhelmed! The questions will be centred around your application so familiarise yourself with your application.

Some Licensed Members will require a presentation but not all do. However, if yours doesn’t require a presentation but you feel like it would showcase your abilities further then definitely ask to do a presentation. This will likely be looked upon positively by the assessors.

How should I approach the CPD aspect?

  1. Keep a CPD record and be prepared to attach it to your application. There are many ways to approach the CPD record and different Licenced Members might stipulate how they want this CPD record attached. It could just be a simple spreadsheet, so check with your Licensed Member before you submit.
  2. Also, keep up to date with news and things happening in your sector/ discipline. This will further reinforce your knowledge and competency. Some useful sources for staying up to date with the latest information and guidance are:  

SocEnv’s Knowledge Hub 

The Guardian’s Down to Earth newsletter 

United Nations website 

The circular economy playbook podcast 

Radio Davos podcast from The World Economic Forum 

How do I choose a Licensed Member ?

In simple terms – apply to the Licensed Member that is most appropriate to the sector your working in. However you also want to consider aspects such as:

  1. Choosing where you feel most comfortable, who your knowledge most aligns with, and the opportunities they provide.
  2. Look at the support you will get with your application.

What suggestions would you have for next steps, after completing a masters degree ?

Join a Licensed Member, or if you are already a member then progress to professional registration/ status (if the Licensed Member has a variety of membership types).

Furthermore, look at your experience. As a masters graduate you’re likely to meet the academic requirements, but you should also look into your experiences to see if you meet that aspect of the criteria. This experience can be paid or unpaid. Think about: how directly does this experience relate to the competencies? What variety of experience do I have?

If you want some more guidance, contact your Licensed Member and ask for advice. Alternatively, look at joining a mentoring programme where you can network and be guided by Chartered Environmentalists who have been through the application process themselves.

What should I submit for assessment?

It varies – some ask for a long form CV to give a snapshot of who you are and what you do, whereas some don’t. It just depends how the assessors have been trained.

Ask your Licensed Member what they want to be included in your supporting statement. Some Licensed Members have examples for you to look at too.


Still have questions?

If you have a question about registration that hasn’t been answered here:

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