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CEnv Profile | Mandhy Senewiratne CEnv, Director of Sustainability and Communication

Mandhy Senewiratne’s CEnv profile


Mandhy began her journey into all thing’s conservation with a degree in Environmental Engineering, minoring in Chemical Engineering. Nomadic in nature, she has worked in Australia, Sri Lanka and Prague with the majority of her experience in the UK.

Having worked for Three Valleys Water/Veolia, Halcrow/CH2MHiLL and Stantec across water, construction, international development and buildings sector (BREEAM Advisor), she gained her professional registration as a Chartered Environmentalist through the experience route via the Institute of Water, on whose Environmental Panel she now sits on.

She has a proven track record delivering of projects with long term sustainable benefits ranging from energy and water efficiency (Anglian Water), carbon and resource management (eight2O, Thames Water), responsible sourcing, climate resilience and adaptation, extensive carbon modelling (Welsh Water).

Communication is the key

Mandhy passionately believes that communication is the key to successful change management and embedding sustainability. With a background in theatre and training with the Royal Shakespear Company, she has now combined her technical prowess with delivering change management, training courses and coaching communication skills. As such, Mandhy then stepped out on her own as Director of Sustainability and Communication of Fyrefly Global Sustainability. A qualified Assessor, she co-developed and delivered Southern Water’s Competent Operator Program for water and wastewater operations (with Isle Utilities), Diploma for Water for Welsh Water and OPP Apprentice Training for Severn Trent Water (Merit Skills), and is a longstanding facilitator with CV Consultancy and delivers The Introduction to Water Industry course on behalf of the Institute of Water. She also provides communication and presentation coaching, specifically for technical personnel.

Mad Mandhy

Her favourite role, however is that of her alter ego “Mad Mandhy”. A facilitator for Mad Science, a science “edutainment” company, instructing children aged 4-11 on the finer points of science. Through hands-on experimentation and the odd explosion, encouraging STEAM and developing the next generation of Eco-Warriors. And HRH The Plastic Princess – who loves all things plastic, yellow and seeks to save the world and increase girl power (plastics after all are feminising agents), through creative storytelling and healthy debates, who works with both adolescent children and senior engineers alike – training the future messengers.

The day job

She is presently the Sustainability Champion for Melbourne Waters Capital Delivery Team, responsible for developing a Scope 3 Carbon baseline and embedding sustainability in delivery.

Key message

We already have much of the science, technology and solutions that we need to solve climate change. What we need is to convince the world to change how to do things – and for that we need messengers to spread the sustainability message. Often most technical specialists don’t emerge from behind the computer screens to pass on their knowledge or know-how, and in their place, management consultants and communication specialists are utilized as outward or customer facing representative. If we were to instil more confidence in our technical workforce and provide the them the tools to be better communicators, we would be half-way there to not only fighting climate change, but helping the public better understand our respective industries. The messengers are just as important as the message. Coach and look after them.

Mad Mandhy

Profile correct as of April 2024.

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Mandhy is registered as a CEnv via membership of:

The Institute of Water


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