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Our impact

How we are working towards our vision of 'a sustainable future shaped by environmental professionalism'

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Impact report (June 2022 – 2023)

As an organisation we have a clear mission to make a difference in tackling the climate and environmental emergencies. But how we do know whether this mission is successful and we are having the kind of impact we are aiming for? That’s where this impact report comes in.

The report outlines how we embed professional standards in everything we do, what it means to showcase the environmental competence of our registrants and includes insights into sharing good practice and facilitating collaboration throughout our network. Read the full report via the link below.

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Our approach:

We want this report to showcase the impact of our work over the last year. This report will demonstrate how our activity has helped to make a difference to the environment – and by extension, society, and the economy, as part of a holistic approach. In measuring our impact, we assess our progress towards our stated purpose using a combination of qualitative and quantitative metrics. A huge part of professional standards is the drive to continuously review and improve – and we know that this ongoing review is absolutely necessary to maintain high quality. In this way, we see this report very much as a journey. In detailing our progress, we are open and transparent about how we have addressed limitations to improve our impact. Looking forward, we are clear about the areas needing further improvement and where more reliable metrics are needed to measure our impact.

Dr Emma Wilcox CEnv
SocEnv Chief Executive