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New online pollution and environmental control MSc launches | Green Skills

The launch of an online MSc to mobilise a new generation of environmental scientists - who can lead the world into a cleaner and greener era.

The University of Manchester has launched a new online Pollution and Environmental Control MSc, designed to mobilise a new generation of environmental scientists.

By creating a flexible and accessible alternative to traditional learning models, this online version of a long-established on-campus MSc aims to strengthen the global workforce as we face the imminent threat of a climate catastrophe.

A dramatic increase in severe weather events and unprecedented levels of air, water and plastic pollution are stark reminders that our planet is in trouble. The world is waking up to the fact that the climate crisis is in full swing, and leaders are under increasing pressure to not only set ambitious targets, but to ensure those targets are met.

As the world’s best university for action on sustainable development (Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, 2022), The University of Manchester recognises the increasing demand for highly-skilled environmental scientists and associated professionals, as work to stabilise our climate gains pace.

The launch of its online MSc in Pollution and Environmental Control aims to mobilise a new generation of environmental scientists who can lead the world into a cleaner and greener era, arming them with sought-after specialist knowledge, advanced qualitative and quantitative skills and real-world experience.

The online MSc in Pollution and Environmental Control opens up the floodgates for a new generation of highly-qualified, well-prepared and globally-informed experts with the professional toolkit to influence people and policy, manage pollution and mitigate environmental impact across the world.

Dr Andrew Lowe
Course Director

Green skills are vital in our transition to a sustainable world – not only to equip the individual, but to also create trust and influence across wider society. High quality education with accessible pathways is fundamental to achieving environmental goals.

Dr Emma Wilcox CEnv
Chief Executive, Society for the Environment

A first of its kind

This twinned course is the first of its kind from The University of Manchester – an online version of the long-established on-campus MSc with the same name. Both are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and focus on real-world application covering topics such as:

  • the use of measurement and prediction;
  • the environmental impact of humans on biosphere;
  • pollution management and flood prevention;
  • modelling pollutants and how these are mobilised and transported;
  • as well as the wider socio-economic fallout caused by pollution.

Designed for working professionals, the new course is delivered completely online, through a personalised virtual learning environment (VLE). Students set the pace for their own learning, accessing podcasts, video lectures, instructor-led labs and virtual field trips whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.

The flexibility of this online model, which is also available on a part-time basis, makes it hugely accessible. It opens up the course to a multitude of enthusiastic and motivated individuals across the globe. Those who aren’t able to – or would prefer not to – relocate, take time out from existing commitments, or compromise their income.

A range of scholarships and bursaries are available to support more individuals to access the online MSc. In particular, those from developing countries and the Global South who are witnessing the brutal effects of pollution and climate change first hand. They recognise the urgency of building a next-generation workforce and have the potential to use this course to transform the future for their local and global community.

By providing an accessible and flexible option for study, The University of Manchester is giving many more people across the world the opportunity to take on environmental challenges, strengthening our collective power to overcome them, and bolstering the global effort to protect our planet and its people for the long-term.

Dr Andrew Lowe
Course Director

Find out more

Visit the course page to discover more about the MSc in Pollution and Environmental Control (online).