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Net Zero Week

The UK's National Awareness Week

We all need to radically reduce our carbon emissions to combat the effects
of climate change.

The UK has legislated to be free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Thirty-years may well seem a long time but wholesale change is required both
in terms of infrastructure, business improvement and our everyday lives.

Reaching net zero will require many new measures, innovative solutions,
aggressive government policies and plenty of human effort both at work and
at home.

The UK’s national awareness week offers all stakeholders a dedicated
platform to voice opinions, share evidence, explore strategy, and highlight
solutions in our shared journey towards net zero.

A number of events are being held as part of Net Zero Week – find out more below.


Find out more & register

SocEnv are a supporter of Net Zero Week 2022.

To find out more and register your place at the variety of events, please visit the Net Zero Week website:

Net Zero Week Events