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Institute of Water Annual Conference 2024

Event by: Institute of Water

Event Summary

Join Institute of Water for a transformative experience at Institute of Water Annual Conference 2024, where they delve into the theme of “Challenging Waters, United Purpose.”

This year’s conference promises an enlightening and collaborative journey, tackling the diverse challenges and opportunities within the UK water sector.

Gain insights from speakers exploring the multifaceted nature of our sector and learn how collaboration drives our shared social purpose.

Contribute to the dialogue, delving into current case studies and strategies for enhanced unity across the water sector supply chain, regulators, and water companies through cross-sector discussions.

Participate in dedicated networking sessions and collaborative group work, fostering critical thinking for a more unified and resilient sector.

Seize the opportunity to be part of sessions focused on turning challenges into opportunities, shaping a united force for a sustainable and resilient future.


10th-11th September 2024




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