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Environmental Policy Forum issues letter to PM re attack on nature

The Environmental Policy Forum (EPF) has issued an open letter, summarising our deep concerns regarding recent Government announcements.

The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill, the proposed Planning and Infrastructure Bill, and the Growth Plan 2022 represent significantly regressive policies on nature protections that are both at odds with the evidence and with the 2019 Conservative Manifesto on which this Government was elected.

From the EPF letter to the PM

The Environmental Policy Forum (EPF), for which SocEnv acts as Secretariat, has issued an open letter to the Prime Minister, summarising our deep concerns regarding recent Government announcements, which together represent an ‘attack on nature’.

The response has the support of a number of cross-sector institutions that make up the EPF membership, from the ecology, fisheries, environmental health, resources and waste, water and environmental management, environmental sciences, and the built environment sectors.

You can view the full EPF response, and the Institutions signed up in support by clicking on the button below.

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