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CEnv, REnvP and REnvTech Registrants - Thank You

Following COP26 and a new Environment Act, a message to all CEnv, REnvP and REnvTech registrants from SocEnv Chief Executive, Dr Emma Wilcox CEnv.

Thank you for your continued efforts – they don’t go unnoticed.

But the environment needs you more than ever.

As COP26 comes to an end and a new Environment Act is launched in the UK, this is a historic moment in our collective efforts to address the climate and environmental challenges we face. It is a fitting time to showcase our appreciation for your invaluable work.

A message to all CEnv, REnvP and REnvTech registrants from SocEnv Chief Executive, Dr Emma Wilcox CEnv:

“The positive role you play as a registered environmental professional is unquestionable and your impact will only grow in the challenging, decisive years ahead. We need environmental professionals to guide, educate, innovate and lead if our goals are to be achieved, with professional registration providing the credibility to realise these aims. Thank you for joining our vision of sustainability through environmental professionalism.

Landmark moments like COP26 will be impactful for environmental professionals across the world, and a catalyst for change. We need this change to be led by those with proven competence to make key decisions and implement evidence based good practice. By achieving professional registration, you have the attributes to make a significant contribution.

With this thank you comes an appeal to continue to push forward with your efforts to protect and enhance the environment and to champion environmental professionalism as a key pillar in delivering our ambition for a more sustainable future.”

If you have a colleague or contact who could / should join us on this collective journey and become a CEnv, REnvP or REnvTech, please do one of the following:

  • Inspire them to find out more
  • Introduce them to your professional body membership team
  • Point them towards the SocEnv website
  • Put them in touch with SocEnv’s Phil Underwood