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Society of Environmental Engineers (SEE) CEnv Support

Guidance to support professionals who were registered as a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) via the Society of Environmental Engineers (SEE). This is following SEE's decision to not renew their CEnv licence with the Society for the Environment, resulting in members needing to transfer their CEnv registration to another professional body.

Please note: This guidance was created for CEnv registrants of SEE at the time (up to May 2020). You are no longer able to be a CEnv via your SEE membership, as explained below. If you would like to become a CEnv again, please contact us on [email protected] or call +44 (0)345 337 2951 to discuss your options. Alternatively, please visit our CEnv registration page.

This guidance takes the form of likely questions with answers from the Society for the Environment’s Head of Licencing, Registration and Standards, Geoff Atkins. This is provided in written form and in a recorded webinar.

Why do I need to transfer my CEnv registration?

SEE will no longer have a current CEnv licence from 18th May 2019, so are unable to administer your registration with us. You will therefore need to transfer your CEnv registration to another Licensed Member (professional body licensed by SocEnv) to remain on the CEnv register.


When do I have to transfer to a different Licensed Member?

The current SEE CEnv licence expires on 18th May 2019 and you have 12 months from that date to transfer to another Licensed Member if you wish to remain a CEnv registrant. The deadline for your transfer is 17th May 2020.


Where can I transfer my CEnv registration to?

You can transfer to any of our 24 Licensed Members, though it is likely that some will be more suited to your field of expertise than others.


Which Licensed Member should I transfer to?

We can help steer you in the right direction, as it is likely that some of the 24 Licensed Members will be more suited to your field of expertise than others, but ultimately the choice is yours.


Will I need to be re-assessed?

You will not need to be reassessed for CEnv. We recommend that you contact the Licensed Members that interest you to discuss further with their membership teams.


How much will it cost me?

There is no fee for transferring your registration to a new Licensed Member. However you will need to pay membership fees to your new Licensed Member for the year.


How do I complete the transfer?

This is a simple process which is completed by the Licensed Member you have chosen to join. Please simply request for the transfer to be processed by the chosen Licensed Member. They will then work with us to ensure the transfer is completed.


Is there anything that I will need to do?

The Licensed Member you choose to transfer to may ask you complete a membership application and provide evidence of your experience.


Will I still be able you use my CEnv post-nominals?

Yes, as long as you transfer your registration to one of our 24 Licensed Members by 17th May 2020.


Who else is affected by this?

You are one of 154 SEE members who are also CEnv registrants. There are also a number of SEE members who are Chartered Engineers (CEng), whose transfer arrangements are being managed by Engineering Council.


What happens if I don’t want to transfer?

As a CEnv registrant you need to be a member of one of our 24 Licensed Members. With SEE no longer holding a licence from 23rd May 2019, you will need to join one of the 24 Licensed Members and transfer your CEnv registration with 12 months or lose your CEnv registration and no longer be able to use Chartered Environmentalist or your CEnv post nominals.


Why will SEE no longer have licence?

SEE have decided not to apply for their CEnv licence to be renewed.


What if I have any other questions?

We are here to support your transition, so if you have any questions/concerns about the process or need Licensed Member contact details, please contact Geoff Atkins, the Society for the Environment’s Head of Licensing, Registration and Standards, by email at [email protected] or by phone on +44 (0)345 337 2951.

Webinar | Transfer Guide for Chartered Environmentalists from the Society of Environmental Engineers

A recorded webinar to provide guidance to those who were registered as a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) through the Society of Environmental Engineers. You will need to transfer your CEnv registration to another Licensed Member in order to continue as a CEnv.