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Soils and Stones | 2024 SocEnv Progress Report

soils and stones
construction site soil

This latest Society for the Environment (SocEnv) report also outlines our calls to action for the next three years.

Since 2019, the SocEnv Soils and Stones project has brought together experts from across a diverse range of sectors related to soil health and soil reuse, to share good practice, support and influence policymakers and foster collaboration. Our volunteers are united by a clear vision: to inspire policy makers to remove barriers and to provide incentives for our profession to realise the optimum value of soils and stones.

Our initial Soils and Soils report (2021) proved influential, gaining support from UK Soils and eleven professional bodies including the British Society of Soil Science (BSSS). The project has been working to deliver the report’s recommendations over the last few years, including producing an overarching Soils and Stones framework, “The Ten Principles of Good Soils and Stones Management” and feeding into the recommendations of the 2023 Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRA) Soil Health Inquiry.

We are delighted to share this full 2024 progress update. Produced three years on from our initial, influential report, this new publication provides an honest assessment of progress achieved so far against the 2021 recommendations and provides a focus for our efforts over the next three years.


Left image – photo, bottom right: taken by Jane Gilbert CEnv.

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