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Q&A with Paul Field CEnv | #IAmCEnv

Paul Field CEnv

Paul Field CEnv has answered a couple of our questions on how he became a Chartered Environmentalist from a background in the fossil fuel industry to working in green manufacturing. Paul Field CEnv is the perfect example of how it is possible to achieve a green job especially for inspiring environmental professionals who are currently seeking a way into a sustainable role.

Keep reading to learn more about Paul’s journey to Chartership.

How did you get to where you are now?

I’ve gone full circle in my career, from fossil fuel extraction to green manufacturing. Initially working as a coal miner through the 1980s and 1990s until the demise of the UK coal industry. Then joining the automotive sector during the 1990s and 2000s retraining as a CNC machine Setter/Operator.

During this period, I was given the opportunity to attend further education doing an Environmental Studies diploma with the Open University.

After several years doing modular study alongside shift work in the automotive industry, I was appointed the business HSE Officer, working with hazardous waste and visits from the Environment Agency.

After several similar roles within the automotive and engineering sectors, I started with my current employer. Who have supported me every step of the way as their HSEQ Manager, then more recently as Environment and Compliance Manager, and now ESG Manager.

I have implemented an environmental management system audited to ISO 14001:2015 standards and more recently with a small ESG Team in the UK, began developing various management systems to support our sustainable roadmap as the business continues to grow as a public company in a legislative landscape where businesses develop policies, procedures and processes to decarbonise their activities towards Net Zero goals.

My aim is to create a secure foundation for the business sustainability roadmap to enable transparent reporting data for our Leadership Team, stakeholders and shareholders. Interlinking management systems that feed into digitalised records library with transparent access and reporting mechanisms to meet global reporting requirements, are measurable and meet greenwashing guidelines as we drive towards our Net Zero target by 2050 or earlier.

What does it mean to be a Chartered Environmentalist in your sector?

Since I became a Chartered Environmentalist through IEMA, and registered with the SocEnv, my profile was exponentially increased with job offers, social media contact requests and an increased profile within the business with leadership colleagues expressing how proud they are to have me in their team.

I have been asked to write quotes and ESG statements for some of our largest Customers across the UK and EU, with really positive feedback to our Board of Directors.

More and more reach out to our business to provide information on our sustainability, decarbonisation and circularity progress. And how it feeds into their green project planning strategies providing environmental product declarations to support these aims.

On a personal level, my family and friends are proud of my success and relative poor beginnings as a labourer at British Coal, through night school to my current role, a pipe dream not so long ago.

I would recommend that anyone reading this article takes every career opportunity that comes along, as who knows where it could lead you.

Why do you do what you do?

Since becoming a Chartered Environmentalist, it has encouraged me to join the STEM organisation. And I am now a certified STEM Climate Ambassador, where I will support local schools and events throughout the North East.

My aim is to try and plant a seed of interest in the minds of young children as their minds develop. So when they reach secondary school, with the introduction into the National Curriculum of a GCSE in the Natural Environment, they can make informative decisions about Green career opportunities. And continue the UKs lead in best practice to prevent the worst impact of climate change for theirs and future generations.

Paul Field was our 2022 Registrant Newcomer of the Year, watch his reaction to winning here:

Paul Field is a Chartered Environmentalist registered via:

Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA)


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