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CEnv Blog | Living with Depression for 25 years: A Story of Hope

A Science Council blog by Rami E. Kremesti CSci CEnv

Chartered Environmentalist Rami E. Kremesti M.Sc., CSci, CEnv, CIWEM, Principal Consultant, Kremesti Environmental Consulting Ltd recently wrote a honest and insightful piece for the Science Council. An extract:

My name is Rami Kremesti, I am a UK Chartered Scientist and I wanted to share my story about my struggle with depression and anxiety which goes back more than 25 years. I was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, during the civil war, so I was exposed to a lot of traumatic situations as a child. This is probably one of the reasons I developed clinical depression as an adult.

Depression and anxiety are debilitating conditions, but there is a silver lining that I want to share with my colleagues: They can be managed if not cured. By taking the right anti-depressants I have been able to live with my condition and be productive and successful as a water treatment professional. Also I want to underline the fact that inner struggle develops a person’s character and makes them stronger as well as more compassionate toward others. My depression was always a motivator for me to seek the truth, so consequently I read a lot of books and have developed a wide knowledge of various spiritual paths.

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