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Environmental Policy Forum | Northern Ireland Webinars

Environmental Policy Forum (EPF) Series – Northern Ireland Webinar Recordings (May 2021). SocEnv act as Secretariat of the EPF. 

The recordings of the first and last part of the series – two insightful webinars – can be watched back for free below.

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Watch Back // Shaping the Future of Environmental Protection Webinar

Providing perspectives from the Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, business groups and NGOs on the core governance elements in the Bill and plans on how best to take them forward. Watch back to hear from experts on: Environmental Improvement Plans, Policy Statement on Environmental Principles and the Office for Environmental Protection.

Watch Back // Shaping the Future of Environmental Protection - Conclusions

Providing feedback on the core issues raised in the workshops and sharing recommendations for taking forward the Environment Bill governance arrangements in Northern Ireland.

Image credits: Pixabay (all)