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EnvCast | Discussing Sustainability in Teaching with Dr Edvard Glücksman CEnv

Edvard Glucksman

New EnvCast episode with Dr Edvard Glücksman CEnv Discussing Sustainability in Teaching

EnvCast: ‘Environmental Professionals in Conversation’ is designed to provide insight into the lives of registered environmental professionals – CEnv, REnvP and REnvTech registrants.

Meet Dr Edvard Glücksman CEnv, a Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Futures at the University of Exeter. Edvard is also the Academic Lead, for Future17 Sustainable Development Goals Challenge Programme and Programme Director for Sustainable Solutions Leadership Programme. Edvard gained his Chartered Environmentalist registration via Institute of  Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

In this episode of EnvCast, discussing sustainability in teaching with Dr Edvard Glücksman CEnv, he discusses what it is like in the higher education sector working in the sustainability field, how he got started in Biology becoming an environmental professional and outlines the learnings that take place on the Sustainable Futures course.

Whether you’re looking to gain industry insights or advance your professional development, Edvard’s episode and others from the EnvCast series are a must-watch for anyone interested in environmental management and sustainability. Tune in now to learn more!

About IEMA
IEMA are the worldwide alliance of environment and sustainability professionals. They are an independent network of more than 18,280 people in over 100 countries, working together to make our organisations and new developments and infrastructure future-proof. Belonging to IEMA gives members the knowledge, connections, recognition, support and opportunities needed to lead collective change, with IEMA’s global sustainability standards as the benchmark. By mobilising their expertise, IEMA continues to challenge norms, influence governments, drive new kinds of enterprise, inspire communities and show how to achieve measurable change on a global scale. IEMA operate across the sustainability spectrum.

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