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Why is Diversity needed in the Environmental profession? | #IAmCEnv

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Meghna Das CEnv Background

Meghna Das is currently the Head of International Programmes Engagement at UNICEF UK. Leading a team providing strategic insights & advice on programmes, policy, advocacy, communications, fundraising and partnership development on UNICEF areas of work.

Meghna has answered our question on why is diversity needed in the environmental profession. See Meghna’s answer below:

Why is Diversity needed in the Environmental Profession?

“In a world grappling with the Polycrisis and in a sector that is so complex and interconnected, such as the Environmental sector, it will be amiss not to talk about diversity and why it is so needed. Having worked in the sustainability, environmental and development sector for over 2 decades, one thing that I have learnt is that to work towards sustainability and to tackle the environmental challenges, it is imperative that we place Diversity at the front and centre of what we do.

  • People: Diversity in the people that have a seat at the table to offer solutions to environmental problems that affect them.
  • Perspectives: Valuing diverse perspectives and bringing in experience & expertise. For example, learning from the ‘Global South’ on solutions already being implemented in countries affected by climate change and bringing in solutions such as to the UK.
  • Disciplines: Bringing diverse disciplines (not just environmental but social, economic dimensions) together in Programmes, Policies, Partnerships. For example, understanding that the environment intersects with all aspects of our lives and working with the health, education, finance sectors to name a few.

My current role at UNICEF UK and being a Chartered Environmentalist helps me bring diverse threads together to further the aim.”

Watch Meghna’s 2020 #IAmCEnv video here:

Meghna is registered as a Chartered Environmentalist via membership of:

Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA)


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