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CIOB CEnv Blog | Sustainable soil management and reuse

construction site soil

In this CIOB blog, Martin Ballard CEnv creates a CPD article on Sustainable soil management and reuse. This CPD looks at challenges and strategies for soil reuse and management on construction projects.

A snippet of the blog can be found below:

What you will learn in this CPD

  • Why soil health is essential to biodiversity
  • How to prevent soil loss
  • Planning options for materials reuse

There’s a clear link to sustainable soils reuse with mitigation to protect soil health, which is championed in the UK by the Society for the Environment (SocEnv). These challenges are relevant to all land management sectors in the built, managed and natural environments. Soil health, structure and fertility relate to water and carbon storage, nutrients for plant growth, and micro and macro biota.

Martin Ballard CEnv
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