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CEnv Profile | Kevin Hogwood CEnv, Director

Kevin started his career in the Civil Service in the 1970’s where he was involved in the design of many crown owned properties. This is where Kevin first came involved with consideration toward environmental considerations. In 1990’s Kevin moved to Serco looking after MOD property by which time the environment on the various military estates had gathered more significance within the design and maintenance process.

Eighteen years ago, Chartered Environmentalist Kevin Hogwood moved to Walker construction to develop their design & build capability, in his capacity as a Building Services Design Engineer. He is now a Director for both Walker Construction, but is now Director of and concentrates on its former in-house multi-disciplinary design team Invvu Construction Consultants, operating in the fields of Civil Engineering, Commercial Building Construction and the Rail Industry.

Environmental issues are part of everyday activities within the Construction Industry covering areas such as Energy Usage, Waste Management, Recycling, Endangered Species, Protection of Flora & Fauna and more. Both Kevin and Invvu Construction Consultants are regularly involved with these issues, and often have to procure documents such as “Waste Management Reports & Management Plans” and “Environmental Impact Plans”. Being recognised as a professional, and the use of the post-nominal letters CEnv, allows Kevin to demonstrate that a high level of competency has been applied to the procurement of such documents.

As a member of the Institution of Engineering Designers, Kevin recommends the CEnv registration to fellow engineering designers, particularly those involved in compliance within the industry, and those working “at the coal-face”. Kevin is now Director of Invvu Construction Consultants Ltd, a multi-disciplinary design practice where the Environment and Carbon Footprint are at the forefront and an integral part of the design process.

More recently Kevin has been involved in adopting the Network Rail Carbon Tool software to apply analysis of the carbon impact on Rail projects across both the design and construction process including mitigation and carbon off-set. This has also been used alone side the NR Social Value Tool considering the synergy and impacts of both within the industry. Also, as of 2023, Kevin is a member of the SocEnv Registration Authority (RA). You can find out more about the work of the RA and our other Committees via: Governance & Committees | Society for the Environment (‘ 

Profile correct as of October 2023


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