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Registrant Profile | Helen Keenan CEnv, Environmental Consultant

Helen first started her career as a trainee Technician at the University of Strathclyde within the department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. After a short spell as a QC Technician in the brewing industry she returned to Strathclyde and worked through the technical grades in various departments. Coming to academia through a non-traditional route and by part-time study she graduated in 1993 with a MSC in Analytical Chemistry and a PhD in 2001 in Environmental Chemistry. She was Lab Manager for the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering before promotion to lecturer in 2008. She is now an Environmental Consultant.

She has been primary supervisor for 10 PhDs and >100 MSc and MRes students and has published >30 papers and presented at many international conferences. She is a consultant to UNIDO on POPs and Chaired UNEP working group 37 (mercury in the marine environment) in preparation for the Minamata Convention. She was Chair of the Water Science Forum, an interest group of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Why was CEnv a natural step?

Chemistry is a very broad subject. If your main area of work is more environmental then it can set you apart from the other forms of chemistry and align better with your roles and interests. As an Analytical Chemist (CChem) I can perform qualitative and quantitative analysis on environmental samples, but as an Environmental Chemist I expand this information into environmental impact, toxicity and the potential for ecological and environmental harm – the area I am most passionate about.


Helen’s top tips for CEnv applications:

Answer the question that is being asked! And, where possible give a clear example that supports the narrative.


Profile correct as of July 2019.


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Helen is registered as a CEnv via membership of:

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)


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