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Registrant Profile | Alexander Herridge CEnv, Alliance Carbon Manager

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Q: What is your current role?

A: My current role is overseeing carbon management within the capital programme at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water. I am responsible for the strategy that defines what we will do and how we will do it. This supports Welsh Water’s overall Net Zero strategy, which includes carbon emitted by the capital programme and its supply chains. I work across the project lifecycle, from inception through to construction, with any and all Framework Partners and suppliers.

One of the main aspects of my role is communication – getting information and best practice out internally and externally, as well as promoting the role that carbon reduction can play in delivering broader environmental and cost benefits.


Q: When would you say you became interested in environmental issues?

A: Exploring the Alps during summer holidays and seeing how glaciers are retreating was a real eye-opener. The son of a geography teacher, it always seemed natural to be interested in the world around us and then it’s just a short hop, skip and a jump to promoting sustainability and better environmental management.


Q: Tell us a bit more about your background and how this led to your current role.

A: I studied at Swansea University for four years: a BSc in Geography, focussing on the physical environment; directly followed by an MSc in Environmental Dynamics and Climate Change. I was then lucky enough to join the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water graduate development programme, which gave me the freedom to pursue my environmental and climate change interests. I spent 8 years in the Energy Team, focussing on deploying solar power, energy efficiency measures and reporting operational carbon emissions. Moving to Capital Delivery and taking on more responsibility for carbon management for the last 4 years has really broadened my appreciation of the Net Zero debate.


Q: What does CEnv accreditation mean to you?

A: The CEnv accreditation reminds me of what I have achieved in my career and the responsibility I have to promote sustainability wherever I can.


Q: What would you say to those unsure of how to make a difference?

A: Everyone has a role to play. Even if your role in climate action isn’t obvious, talk to your employer about courses that might be available to help you make a difference. Carbon Literacy is an amazing framework for understanding the science of climate change and understanding your role in reducing emissions and building resilient communities. Environment professionals will often find that their ability to influence others can save more carbon than personal actions – but to be credible you need to practice what you preach!


Alex’s top tip for aspiring Chartered Environmentalists:

Keep a record of your achievements – this can really help make chartership application easier as the information is already together. It’s also a fantastic reminder of what you are capable of and what you have achieved if you ever needed a boost.


Profile correct as of December 2021.

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