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Registered Environmental Technician in a yellow coat taking a sample of water from a river society for the environment

Registered Environmental Technician (REnvTech) Employer Champions

REnvTech Employer Champions have demonstrated their commitment to promoting REnvTech registration to aspiring environmental professionals and truly championing those employees who already hold the registration.

REnvTech employer champion logo

REnvTech Employer Champions put supportive mechanisms in place including the provision of mentoring schemes, gaining senior management support, paying for professional membership and registration, requiring REnvTech for certain positions and allowing time for CPD. They understand the value of externally verified competence of their environmental professional employees and champion their work.

Working for an REnvTech Employer Champion as an environmental professional means that you are in good hands. They offer the pathways and support for development and are aware of the importance of the code of professional conduct you have signed with SocEnv.


Current REnvTech Employer Champions

Our current REnvTech Employer Champions are listed below. Click on the logo to find out more about the organisation, including why they champion REnvTech professionals.

Become a REnvTech Employer Champion

The Society invites you to showcase your commitment to championing the environmental experts you employ by applying to gain REnvTech Employer Champion status, at no cost. Employer Champions can come from across a huge range of sectors and vary in size, but they all employ and support registered environmental professionals.

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