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Make Time #ForNature - A Spotlight on Biodiversity

Canary Wharf Group Wildlife Photography Competition Finalist - Urban Pollen Delivery by Danna Karayeva

Welcome to the Biodiversity Hub, developed in collaboration with key partners. Here you will find inspirational resources on how you can help to protect and enhance biodiversity all around us - including home school activities, volunteering opportunities and good practice case studies! 

The aim of this work - to get the world thinking about key environmental issues and ways in which everyone can play a vital role in tackling them. From environmental professionals to the next generation, the general public to multinational organisations, we want to give you the tools to make a difference and inspire others to do the same. 

This campaign was launched in celebration of World Environment Day, which takes place each year on the 5th June and this year was themed around biodiversity. 

World Environment Day may have passed, but we know that now is not the time to forget about the biodiversity and the importance it plays in our world and everyday lives. It's still time #ForNature.

- Time For Nature -



You can play a part in helping to protect and enhance the biodiversity that we all live amongst. This biodiversity hub, and the toolkits within, are designed to show you how!


Fast forward to:

#30DaysWild and #ForNature

What is Biodiversity

Why Does Biodiversity Need My Help?

Time to Get Involved
 » You, Your Family and Your Friends
 » The Next Generation
 »  Environmental Professionals
 » Organisations Large and Small

Who is Already Helping?


#30DaysWild and #ForNature

We've teamed up with the Wildlife Trusts to get you interacting with biodiversity and nature this June. Put simply, we want you to play your part in protecting and enhancing the biodiversity all around us, then shout about it! We're looking for actions large and small - they all make a really positive difference. But remember to share your work with us and thousands of others using #30DaysWild.

The clear links between the aims of this hub and the Wildlife Trusts' #30DaysWild campaign to get everyone doing one wild thing a day throughout the whole month of June, seemed like a collaboration not to be missed!

For the environmental professionals among you and those wanting to make an organisation-wide difference, we want you to get involved too! Share what you have done and plan to do for biodiversity in order to spread expert knowledge across sectors. Check out the environmental professionals and organisations sections to find out more.

So, if you've been inspired to plant a bee-friendly shrub on your balcony, or if you've developed an initiative to save 1,000 acres of South American rain forest, we want to hear about it! Here are the key steps:



1. Explore the toolkits, case studies and activities available

2. Find something you can do to help biodiversity

3. Make it happen and take a snazzy picture

4. Post that picture on Twitter, LinkedIn and more using: #30DaysWild and #ForNature

5. Download the free 30 Days Wild pack from the Wildlife Trusts, here »



What is Biodiversity?

In short: the variety of life on earth - ecosystems, habitats and species.

The UN defines Biodiversity as “the variety of life forms in any given habitat, from large animals to plants to fungi to the smallest of organisms”.



Why Does Biodiversity Need My Help?

Why is it so important? Find out by watching this TED-Ed talk.

Tremendously valuable. The international Convention on Biological Diversity notes that "The Earth's biological resources are vital to humanity's economic and social development. As a result, there is a growing recognition that biological diversity is a global asset of tremendous value to present and future generations. At the same time, the threat to species and ecosystems has never been so great as it is today. 

One thing is certain: despite all our technological advances we are completely dependent on healthy and vibrant ecosystems for our health, water, food, medicines, clothes, fuel, shelter and energy."

A rapid decline. UN Environment, the organisers of World Environment Day, confirm that "Biodiversity is threatened like never before. We are on the verge of a mass extinction: within the next 10 years, around 1 million species may be wiped off the surface of the planet. That’s one out of every four known species. Wildlife has declined on average by over 60% in last 50 years. At this rate, species are disappearing tens to hundreds of times faster than the average speed of the past 10 million years." Read more from the UN Environment biodiversity working brief, here.

Mental Health. The World Health Organisation (WHO) state;There is strong evidence for the benefits of interaction with nature – including domestic animals, and wild animals in wild settings – in treatments for depression, anxiety, and behavioural problems."

Our fundamental life support system. To highlight the necessity of biodiversity, Chris Gerrard CEnv states "Biodiversity, the variety of wildlife around us, is our fundamental life support system. As the richness of that biodiversity is diminished, so are our lives, until, without it, life would not be possible at all."R ead more Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) reactions to the biodiversity theme, from Atkins, Anglian Water, Canary Wharf Group and Siemens. 



Time to Get Involved

Select the relevant section(s) below to find toolkits, activities, resources, top case studies, inspiration, learning materials and more from the Wildlife Trusts, environmental professionals and beyond, including SocEnv's special biodiversity webinar series.

Remember to post your actions to help biodiversity on social media using the hashtags #30DaysWild and #ForNature. We look forward to seeing your amazing work. 


Everyone can make a difference in their gardens, balconies, windowsills, parks and community spaces.

Planting bee-friendly plants, popping a bird box on the wall, creating a small nature area, volunteering your time and donating to good causes. There are so many things you can do to support biodiversity!

You can even help to protect biodiversity by thinking about what you throw in your bins, what food you buy and how you travel. Protecting biodiversity not only saves animals and plants both in your local surroundings and across the world, it also enhances your well-being, it fights climate change and it makes the world beautiful. 

Find out what you can do to help biodiversity »


#30DaysWild #ForNature // Show the world on Twitter, Facebook and more

We'd love you to get social and spread the word to your friends, family and networks on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Show everyone what you're doing to protect and enhance biodiversity using #30DaysWild and #ForNature. Lets get everyone involved!

Time to get the youngsters involved! Time to learn. Time to create. Time to help biodiversity for decades to come.

There are so many fun, informative activities for young people of all ages to get stuck into - all educational, and some requiring their creative talents! Don't worry - many are also lockdown friendly. From engaging YouTube videos with the experts, to building your very own mini nature hotels, and even an interactive exploration of the ocean, there's something for everyone. 

Get the next generation into nature and biodiversity, visit the dedicated 'Next Generation' Section »


#30DaysWild #ForNature // Shout out loud on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and more

Remember, we'd love you to get social and spread the word to your friends, family, teachers, Scout groups and networks on social media. Show everyone what you're doing to protect and enhance biodiversity using #30DaysWild and #ForNature.

Experts in their environmental disciplines - learn from their work and/or showcase what you're doing.

There are environmental professionals who specialise in biodiversity and ecology within their work - we're learning from them. Plus, environmental professionals in other sectors and disciplines who specialise in other areas of environmental protection but also work to protect biodiversity in projects, collaborations and programmes - we're learning from them too!

The case studies, expert lectures and opportunities within this section are for you to learn from and gain inspiration to take action yourself, as a current or aspiring environmental professional. We also want you to be the one who highlights their case studies for others to learn from - don't be shy - be a leader!

Click here to find out more and explore some fantastic projects »


#30DaysWild #ForNature // Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more

Can you spread the word to your colleagues and networks on Twitter and LinkedIn? Please do! Show everyone what you're doing to protect and enhance biodiversity as an environmental professional using #30DaysWild and #ForNature.

It's fair to say that the business world can have a substantial impact on the environment, including biodiversity. But, there are organisations out there that are striving to combat this through proactive initiatives supporting site based, local, national and international projects.

The case studies within this section are for you to gain inspiration. We also want you to be the one highlighting innovative, effective case studies for others to learn from!

Does your organisation support local Wildlife Trusts with hundreds of volunteers each year? Are your sites secret nature reserves? Do you mandate that all of your construction projects incorporate biodiversity net gain? Does your organisation work alongside key partners to protect sea life from your global shipping activity? We want to hear about these!

Visit the biodiversity hub for organisations large and small »


#30DaysWild #ForNature // Connect to our campaign on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

We'd love you to get social and spread the word to your networks on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Show everyone what your organisation is doing to protect and enhance biodiversity using #30DaysWild and #ForNature. Join the conversation. 



Who is Already Helping?

There are many hundreds of examples of really positive work to help biodiversity - below are a few examples. Explore the hub for more!

The Wildlife Trusts (UK)
Looking after yourself, and nature
Fantastic ideas for making your own biodiversity friendly garden items and plenty of activities for the kids

The Northern Forest
50 million new trees planted across the north of England
It’s set to become a reality. And you can be part of it.

Volunteering with the Wildlife Trusts
Engaging Siemens employees with nature and understanding the benefits.



Canary Wharf Group Wildlife Photography Competition Finalist - Friday, 4pm by Luke Sampson


A Team Effort

The Society couldn't put all these resources and materials together without the support and expert input from a team of supporting organisations and the individuals within. Teamwork is key to our organisation as a whole - it's no different for this biodiversity awareness campaign.

We couldn't highlight the importance of biodiversity in the same way without key partners.

The Society for the Environment are working on this campaign alongside a number of partner organisations: 



Professional bodies licensed to award the Chartered Environmentalist registration:

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