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Institute of Water Annual Conference 2022

Event by: Institute of Water


11-12 October  2022


Aspire Leeds


Reconciling the demands on our sector to deliver for today and tomorrow

You are invited to join us at our Annual Conference taking place on 11th – 12th October at Aspire located in Leeds.

Hosted by IWater, this years’ theme is based around ‘Great Expectations’.

As a sector, we are called upon to meet the many and often conflicting demands of our stakeholders — our communities, our customers, our regulators, our partners, other sectors, and, of course, ourselves.

We know the complexity of delivering safe, affordable and high quality water services, while investing in sustainable processes that protect and improve the environment.  This, against a backdrop that includes the current economic challenges, aging infrastructure, changing attitudes and patterns of work and, a national and sector commitment to move rapidly toward “net zero”.

It can seem daunting, to say the least, to respond to and reconcile these competing demands.  It can also be inspiring.

This year’s Conference will explore those many expectations; we’ll hear different perspectives from different stakeholders; we’ll ask and discuss tough questions about how or whether to prioritise those expectations.  We’ll ask how to keep ourselves motivated and committed; how to engage our people and people outside our sector in an open and ethical conversation about the value of water and how our sector can best contribute today and tomorrow.

Join for a candid discussion about the expectations that affect each and every one of us.  Together, we’ll explore at proactive and creative approaches to enable us to live up to those expectations.

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