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Human-centric digital solutions to identify wastewater network threats

Event by: CIWEM

Event Summary

The webinar focuses on how water companies are leveraging real-time data, hydraulic modelling, and AI to analyse wastewater networks and recognise operational patterns.

By using proven case study examples from the UK and US, the webinar demonstrates how human-centric digital solutions provide real-time alerts on network incidents, helping to avoid damaging spills, blockages, combined sewer overflows (CSOs), and predict future incidents.

Topics covered include harvesting existing data (such as SCADA, telemetry, and monitoring), using monitoring points of greatest risk or concern, moving from reactive to proactive working practices, improving control and allocation of field resources, adding value to monitoring data through applied analytics, learning the behaviour of normal safe operation, and identifying emerging issues for timely correction.

Part of the CIWEM Technologies series.


25th April 2024




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