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COP26 Water Climate Discussion Conference - A Leading Role on Climate Change.

A Call to Action on behalf of everyone who cares about the enormous contribution that water will play in our gathering climate crisis.

The recent IPCC report could not have put it more plainly. Without immediate and sustained deep cuts in emissions of GHGs, curbing global warming during this century to 2C (let alone 1.5C) above pre-industrial temperature levels will be out of our reach. Things are that bad.

A rise in sea-level, too much or too little precipitation, a lack of availability or the human and financial costs of accessing clean water – all will affect us in ways that we can only begin to imagine. Temperature rise on this scale will have devastating consequences for the earth’s water and the ecosystems that depend on it. Whether it be in our rivers or oceans, underground or at the tap, pump or well, our water is vital for life and for the wellbeing of all flora and fauna on the planet.

It’s clear that a voice from the water sector should form a critical piece of the political jigsaw which will influence the leaders of countries and businesses. We need to encourage and support them to put in place and enact the policies and regulations that we will be depending upon to fix our climate problems. Unless we work and succeed in turning their current rhetoric into reality, as individuals we betray ourselves and hand our children an earth that, increasingly, we will be unable to recognise. The saddest thing is that we understand the problem. We understand what needs to be done and we have the technology available to us that can address it.

So now we must act, and quickly.

Availability, access, storage, production, distribution, use, treatment, habitat and the amenity value of water – all play a unique and pivotal role on our planet. In the run-up to COP 26, please join us in helping to craft a Call to Action on behalf of everyone who cares about the enormous contribution that water will play in our gathering climate crisis.

Influence the discussion and focus the urgency of our feelings into a statement of intent and commitment – something that will require a hearing and a response from those who are able to influence and make the decisions to deliver the massive short- and longer-term adjustments needed, in the all-too-short time still available to us.

Join us in capturing all the necessary water climate-related issues, help us to brainstorm solutions, and commit to a Call to Action. Register for the conference, beginning next week:

Play your part and help us to make change happen… before it’s too late.

It really is perilously close to the last chance we’ll have.