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2023 #IAmCEnv

Let's explore the world of Chartered Environmentalists (CEnv) together

Our #IAmCEnv campaign aims to:

  • increase awareness of the vital roles Chartered Environmentalist registrants play in tackling the huge environmental issues of today
  • highlight the diversity of roles and expertise held by registrants
  • create an understanding of who a CEnv is / can be
  • provide inspiration for those aspiring to forge an environmental career.
#IAmCEnv header

This campaign highlights a number of our Chartered Environmentalist registrants who all have different backgrounds, different ways on how they reached Chartered Environmentalist status and why they decided to join the Society for the Environment as a CEnv.

Below are the questions that our CEnvs have answered:

  • What does it mean to be a Chartered Environmentalist in your sector?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • How did you get to where you are now?
  • What does being a CEnv mean to you?
  • What advice would you give to aspiring environmental professionals / students?
  • Why is diversity needed in the environmental profession?

You can also get involved yourself if you are a CEnv, tell us on social media “What does being a CEnv mean to you?” tag #IAmCEnv and Society for the Environment on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Video inspiration below:

#IAmCEnv Video | How I got to Where I am Now as Head of Sustainability at Chartway Partnership Group

Lauren Bovingdon CEnv highlights how she got to where she is now and why she choose to become a Chartered Environmentalist. Lauren is registered as a Chartered Environmentalist via IEMA and is Head of Sustainability at Chartway Partnership Group. A fantastic insight not to be missed!

"It's such a great feeling to be part of a rapidly expanding group... to be a part of the Chartered Environmentalist community, for me, with these great people is really special."

Tom South CEnv highlights what being a CEnv means to him. Tom is a Packaging Engingeer at QVC and registered as a Chartered Environmentalist via IOM3.

"Get involved in any environmental project that you come across, just put yourself out there and offer to help."
🌊 Natalie Akroyd CEnv tells us what advice she would give any aspiring environmental professional and student seeking a career in the environmental profession.

Natalie is Head of Water Strategy & Environment at South Staffs Water, a Society for the Environment Board Member and a Chartered Environmentalist via Institute of Water.

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