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Licensing, Registration and Standards

Head of Licensing, Standards and Registration - Geoff Atkins

Operations Manager - Elaine Rutherford

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The Annual Licensed Body Report survey is now online. We ask that Licensed Bodies complete the survey by the 31st of March. You can find it here - Annual Licensed Body Report survey.

Licence Reviews

Licensed Body

Licence Expiry Date Date of Review  
Institute of Agricultural Management 16/08/2017 23/03/2017   
Institute of Chartered Foresters  19/09/2017  03/05/2017  
Society of Operations Engineers  08/09/2017 16/05/2017   
Arboricultural Association  23/07/2017  01/06/2017   
Royal Society of Chemistry  08/09/2021  26/07/2017  
License Reviewers Papers

Updated papers and guidances to be uploaded by 31/04/2017 Current finalised papers can be found here

Please contact Geoff Atkins for more details

Licence Review Guidelines

Documents, procedures, submissions, timetables and other information to be added by 31/04/2017 Current finalised papers can be found here

Please contact Geoff Atkins for more details


Licensed Body Practice Directive

This is currently under review by a Registration Authority working group and will include detail of an amended licence review structure. Other items to be considered for inclusion are the introduction of interim reviews and an initial licence period of one year.

Any changes made to the LBPD are being introduced to improve the effectiveness of the licensing process and will be reviewed after twelve months.

2016 Reviews Completed

Successful reviews were conducted at the IFM, CIOB, RICS, IChemE and ICE and Licenses have been issued to IFM, CIOB, RICS and IChemE.


The Registration Authority is a standing committee of the Society and is the arm of the Society that exercises the regulation of the award of the Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and Registered Environmental Technician (REnvTech) registrations and the maintenance of the CEnv and REnvTech Registers. The role of the RA is to help ensure that every CEnv and REnvTech has the professional knowledge,experience and commitment to apply to their professional and other aspects of their activities. The RA’s prime purpose is the oversight of the Society’s first strategic aim; Guarding the Standards for the Environmental Profession.

You can find the members of the Registration Authority on our Committees page.

Registration Authority Dates
  • Wednesday 15th February
  • Wednesday 26th April
  • Wednesday 7th June
  • Wednesday 11th October
  • CEnv initial fee*
  • CEnv annual registration fee
  • CEnv reinstatement fee
  • REnvTech initial fee*
  • REnvTech annual registration fee
  • REnvTech reinstatement fee
  • £41 p.a from 01/01/17
  • £41 p.a from 01/01/17
  • £41 from 01/01/17
  • £15 p.a from 01/01/17
  • £15 p.a from 01/01/17
  • £15 from 01/01/17

* A one-off fee of £82 (CEnv) or £30 (REnvTech) to be paid at first registration which comprises the initial entry fee and the annual registration fee


Practice Directives Documents

Ongoing Projects

Routes to Registration Pilot

Whilst progress has been somewhat slower than originally planned, those institutions taking part in this initiative will be ready to commence the pilot phase in February. Results will be collated and analysed, with recommendations intended to go to Council for approval in July.

Geoff Atkins

CPD Policy

The SocEnv CPD policy was in serious need of review and this happened towards the end of 2016. A new policy document is now in the final stages of approval by the Registration Authority and will soon be published.

The key elements of the new policy are the introduction of monitoring, sampling and feedback of registrants CPD by all licensed members by 2018. It is hoped this should give time for procedures to be put in place.

SocEnv will be hosting a CPD Forum in 2017, which all licensed members will be invited to attend. This will be an opportunity to discuss CPD issues and share good practice.

Geoff Atkins

Practice Directives

Both the CEnv and REnvTech PDs are subject to regular, periodic review of which the next will be taking place in the early part of the year. These will not be major reviews, but rather a fine tuning to ensure they are up to date and fit for purpose.

We will involve members of the Registration Authority and ask a sample of licensed members to comment on any amendments, before publishing on the website. We convened a Practice Directive task and finish on 13/03/2017, who were tasked with mapping the directives against the Royal Charter.

Geoff Atkins


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